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Automated cryptocurrency investment solutions

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Want to make your crypto investments safe without handing over your capital to others?

Our algorithmic solution will make your jaw drop.

Plutus, an alternative investment solution, takes care of your worries, making you and your crypto investments remain calm.

Plutus focuses solely on protecting the invested capital by minimising your losses. As a result, we are proud to offer a level of trust, safety and security hard to find in crypto.

We have designed an algorithm based on sound investment strategies which have been simulated, stress-tested and carefully evaluated live. This gives us the confidence we need to provide you with the best quality service.

Our main focus is to protect your capital as opposed to maximising gains. This is a perspective not very common in cryptocurrency markets and what makes us different. 

When capital is protected and big losses are avoided, better returns come as an indirect result.


Protect your capital.

More focused on long-term growth.

Low risk.


A perfect balance between profitability and risk control.

This is the profile we use.


Focused on maximising the growth of your account, with controlled risk.

Focused more on short-term growth.

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Why Invest in Crypto?

If you have never invested capital before, the cryptocurrency market is a good market to start with and enter the world of investing. A CENSORSHIP RESISTANT ASSET and its ability to act as a store of value. There are new investment opportunities all the time, there is no need to catch all of them, only wait for the perfect trade.

Crypto Market

The high returns seen in the cryptocurrency market are unique in the investment world, and this is due to structural differences of crypto assets compared to the traditional market.



Safe Mode

If you are familiar with the world of investment but have not yet safely entered the crypto universe, your best chance is to enter the safe mode. Taking advantage of the knowledge of those who have years of experience, resisting psychology with an algorithm that puts security before risk without compromising on the percentage of return.


Using our algorithm can give you the time and passive income you need to spend time on other market opportunities while your portfolio automatically pays for itself.


If you’re one of us, you’ll know that financial freedom is about making capital work for you.

Your capital

Our investment model is based on the principle of never giving away control of your capital to third parties, so you will always have access to your portfolio and full control over its assets.

Quantitative Solutions

Our quantitative investment models are the investment solution best suited to the changing needs of the financial industry, which is in a constant state of flux and undergoing a constant wave of innovation.

CRIPTO is a quantitative algorithmic investment company that prioritises security and capital protection as its main objective. We specialise in offering automated and customised investment products to individuals and businesses looking for a more secure method of accessing the cryptocurrency market.

Telegram FX Signals

We openly share a portion of our investments live.

Join our Telegram community and see our performance in the FX market live.

Our Team

After the bubble of 2017, at CRIPTO we realised the need to be able to access the cryptocurrency market in a more secure way

Marc Goulding

Director of investment and quantitative modelling.

Enrique Barragán

Marketing & Design Director



Rocío Gonzalez

Legal Department Manager

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